Sunday, September 8, 2013

Booker View– Upcoming Changes & Possibilities


You may have noticed that I am trying to make some small changes with The Happy Booker. My goal is to transform my blog from a sporadic hobby to something a little more productive that I can be proud of. To that end, I’ve started with just some small changes: updating my review policy, setting some guidelines for myself about how many reviews to commit to per month, setting NetGalley boundaries for myself, deciding which memes to participate in, and writing one non-review post per week. This last is where “Booker View” came from, this will just be my weekly rambling post about whatever happens to be on my mind.

More changes will be happening throughout the end of the year and I’m hoping to begin 2014 with a new outlook for The Happy Booker. I will soon be making a move over to Wordpress thanks to the advice and suggestions of April from My Shelf Confessions. I wanted to have already started this move but things are still a bit chaotic here after moving my family back to North Carolina from Pennsylvania last month. This means a new school for my son, new neighbors, a new job for hubby, and trying to fit all my things into a much smaller space. But once I have some time to breathe, I definitely want to make that transition to Wordpress. I had a friend trying to explain SEO to me but I’ll tell you, it all sounded like gibberish. I know I need to start thinking of things like that & so I guess that will be another change I’ll be making.

I’ve been considering looking for a co-blogger to join me on The Happy Booker. I’ve read a few posts about the pros and cons about co-blogging and it seems to me that the positives outweigh the negatives. I’m not sure where I would even start trying to find someone who would want to blog with me but I’m thinking maybe Goodreads or Booklikes. If you have any suggestions or advice about this, or anything else pertaining to how I can improve my blog, please feel free to share!

I’ve been blogging here on The Happy Booker off and on since 2010 and I absolutely love my blog. I want to really focus on continuing to improve it so that it can grow. It’s funny how I’m so very outspoken and confident in person, but even after 3 years doing this, I’m still a bit unsure with my blogging “voice” but I’m learning to trust my ideas and the support of the book blogging community so you can expect to read a lot more from me!

How has your blog changed and grown since you first began blogging? Are there things that you would like to or plan to change?

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