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Review: God’s Eye by A.J. Scudiere

Title – God’s Eye

Author- A.J. Scudiere

Publisher- Griffyn Ink Publishing

Date - October 1st 2011

Pages – Paperback 419

eBook Price – $.99 at Amazon$7.99 at Barnes and Noble









God's Eye introduces us to Katherine Geryon, a woman who has lived what some would call an easy life. Growing up in an affluent family with a controlling and emotionally absent father and a mother who taught her that appearances are everything, Katherine simply floated through life, turning a blind eye to what she did not want to see and letting all of her decisions be made by others. Working in her father's company, she was viewed with envy and distrust by most people and she never put forth the effort to make any real connections or to cause people to view her as anything more than she appeared. When two gorgeous and charismatic men suddenly appeared in her life during the same time that unexplained phenomenon began happening in her home, suddenly she had no choice than to open her eyes and notice the things happening around her. Finding herself in an emotionally charged sexual relationship with both of them, Katherine knew that eventually she would have to choose, and she was slowly starting to become aware of what making the wrong choice might cost her.

It's difficult to put my finger on the genre that God's Eye would fit into because there are elements of so many. I would call it a Paranormal Psychological Fantasy Thriller with elements of steamy romance. The plot wound slowly around these characters, building suspense and tension as I tried to figure out which was angel and which was demon and which would Katherine choose in the end.

Ultimately, God's Eye was about the far-reaching results of the choices that we make every day. It's important that each person is aware that our decisions can have consequences outside of ourselves and that when we make a choice that affects others we have to acknowledge and own it. Only with awareness and accountability can we begin to change the way we think and act. When we begin to open our eyes, our mind, and our heart, we can begin to change both our own world as well as have a positive effect on the world at large, even in small ways. Katherine's choice seemed to be between Angel and Demon, good or evil, but as shown in the book, sometimes its hard to determine which is which. Katherine had to look at the  ripple effect of what first appeared to be small, unimportant choices but even when her eyes began to see, she was still unsure which was the right path for her to take.

I want to take a minute to mention that Alistair and Zachary will probably appeal to those who love Paranormal Romance. This one does not lack in the "steamy love scenes with hot supernatural guys" department. I was immediately drawn to Alistair because it seemed that his character had more depth than Zachary, but I'm sure others will find Zachary's alpha-ness highly attractive.

Overall, God's Eye is a book I think many people will enjoy. Once you get past the frighteningly awesome cover, you'll see that this story goes much deeper than your average angel/demon paranormal romance. And the image on the cover will make sense in the context of the story. I would recommend God's Eye to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance, horror, or psychological thrillers. The eBook is just $.99 at Amazon right now, I definitely suggest grabbing it while you can get it at this price!

Rating: 5



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kimba88 said...

great review. This looks interesting and i am adding it to my wishlist.

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