Sunday, September 1, 2013

Booker View–Thinking Outside the Books


Thinking outside the books

This is the time of year when I start thinking about the upcoming holidays and making plans for parties, decorations, crafts, holiday themed foods, etc. Every year, I try to do a couple crafts with the kids in my life, my own as well as my friends’ kids who I consider my nieces and nephews. Last year, we didn’t do much for fall and Halloween but we made quite a few fun Christmas crafts & snacks!

(My son Damian and friend Harli making snowman suit bottles filled with tootsie rolls, D & H making no-bake cookies, H with the hot chocolate ornament, Christmas tree decoration made with cardstock.)


This year, my friend Jacky and I, along with our kids, are going to start early and make some fall themed crafts and try our hand at making some holiday wreaths. I have an entire playlist of Youtube tutorials and she and I have started gathering our odds and ends to see what we already have and what we still need to get started. I REALLY want to make a Harry Potter themed wreath this year, possibly following one of those deco mesh wreath tutorials. Those wreaths are gorgeous! Pinterest is a wonderful place to find ideas although I can definitely get completely distracted by all the pretties and find myself mindlessly pinning photos for hours on end! Here are some of the crafts we’re hoping to try.

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What about you? Do you have some suggestions for some easy and affordable holiday crafts? Do you craft, cook, or plan other holiday activities? What are you thinking about outside the books?

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