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Guest Post & Giveaway - 10 Things You’ll Find in Chimera– by David Wellington


Today I’m so pleased to share a guest post from author David Wellington introducing readers to his new thriller Chimera which was just released on July 25. Be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of this exciting new release!

10 Things You’ll Find in Chimera

by David Wellington

1. A Robotic Left Arm

The main character, Jim Chapel, was wounded in Afghanistan and he lost his arm. They gave him a new one made of silicone and steel that’s almost as good as the one he lost. Then they told him to go save America.

2. A Sexy Veterinarian

Who may just be the secret to uncovering a government conspiracy. Speaking of which…

3. A Dark Government Conspiracy

A web of classified data spun all through the intelligence community. A secret so horrible no one can ever know about it. I would say more but it’s classified.

4. An Abandoned Prison Camp in the Catskills

For twenty-five years nobody ever went into Camp Putnam, and nobody ever, ever came out. Until today, when the fence came down.

5. A Cryptic Message Scrawled on a Wall

Found next to a dead body. Just one word: CHIMERA. What could it mean?

6. A Mysterious Woman on the Telephone

Who knows way more than she should. She’ll help Jim Chapel with his mission—assuming she’s telling him the truth.

7. Three Bears Hibernating in a Laboratory

Just… take my word on this one. It’s really cool.

8. A Paranoid Man Living Beneath Atlanta

He used to work for the FBI. Now the CIA wants him dead. For years he’s managed to stay off the grid… until Jim Chapel wanders into his lair.

9. The World’s Most Comfortable Fallout Shelter

Hidden deep under the Pentagon, where a man with no official job title pulls all the strings.

10. The Answers to All Your Questions

But you won’t know the whole story until the last page of the book.


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BIO: David Wellington got his start serializing his novel Monster Island on the internet—hewould write a chapter three times a week and post them as soon as they were done. The result was Monster Island, a ground-breaking zombie novel. He has published three horror series: Monster Island, 13 Bullets, and Frostbite. Chimera (available July 23rd) is his first thriller novel. He lives in New York City.

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By David Wellington

Hardcover, 432 pages

Published July 23rd 2013 by William Morrow

Genre- Thriller




A fabulous new talent-the heir to Patrick Lee and James Rollins-delivers his first published novel: a wildly imaginative tale that combines elements of horror and science in the vein of Michael Crichton, in which a circle of unlikely heroes must uncover a nefarious cabal and prevent it from unleashing a diabolical threat that could destroy the world

7 fugitives escape from a secret military facility in upstate New York, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

7 super-soldiers gone rogue.

7 innocent citizens targeted for death.

Disabled Army Vet James Chase is drafted for a desperate mission to stop this lethal force. Aided by a mysterious woman named Angel and a courageous, beautiful veterinarian, Chase sets off on a hair-raising cross-country hunt.

But are the killers really rogue soldiers, or are they only the tip of a sinister conspiracy . . . the first piece of a shocking nightmarish plan that will lead to ultimate destruction?



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