Saturday, July 13, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge–Day 6

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The Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by April at Good Books & Good Wine. Stop by her blog to sign up for this fun blogging challenge!!

Today's Challenge is: Describe How You Shop For Books

In a word: Impulsively! I am definitely a bargain shopper though. Even on my limited budget, like any addict worth her salt, I find ways to feed my addiction, like a boss.

  • With one click based on a review
  • Yard Sales
  • Sale section of bookstores
  • in bulk on Ebay
  • For Sale shelf at libraries
  • Local Facebook fleamarket groups
  • New & Pristine straight off the shelf

I have to have all of my favorites brand new in Hardcover, but other than that, I don’t mind having books that are a bit worn and well loved. It adds character to my shelves.

What about you? Are you a splurger or a sale-r?


Lizzy Lessard said...

Like a boss.

I haven't got into Ebay for book buying. I'm kind of afraid of how much I would spend and thus how many books would end up in my house if I gave myself another avenue for buying books - especially in bulk! My husband would kill me.

fishgirl182 said...

i usually wait for a sale or coupon unless i am going to a book signing, in which case i will get books to support the authors. and i love shopping for books at thrift stores. you can find really good stuff.

Donna @ The Happy Booker said...

I will definitely spend a little more at a signing. I live in the middle of nowhere so I don't get to go to many but this will soon change!

Donna @ The Happy Booker said...

I usually only do ebay if I want to buy all the books from a specific author. I have, once or twice, bought some huge lot of random books though if I thought they were at a good price.

Chelsea M. said...

I love buying books recommended from my blogger friends. They never let me down :-) I also troll Amazon for good deals

Brittany S said...

I haven't thought about looking on ebay. That's a good idea! I am usually an on-saler but, for new books that I really want its like I can't stop myself...

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