Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why I blog about books -- Book Blogger Challenge Day 9


The Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by April at Good Books & Good Wine. Stop by her blog to sign up for this fun blogging challenge!!

Today's Challenge is: Why do you blog about books?

To simply say “I love books” almost minimizes the huge impact books have made in my life. I won’t write some long post about my tragic childhood, but, for me, books became a survival tool, a necessary escape, and they provided me with the hope that things could change. Through books, I learned how to view the world beyond my own small frame of reference and so I came to understand my own ability to affect change in my environment instead of simply accepting or being broken down by circumstances.

I owe a lot to the books and authors that pulled me through a pretty dark time in my life. I blog about books because of the tremendous respect and passion I have for books and for authors as well as for readers. And because books continue to be such a major part of my life, blogging seemed a natural outlet to share my thoughts about what I read with those who feel similarly. 

What about you? Why do you blog about books?


Lizzy said...

Books helped me through a tough time through high school and after. I fell in love with horror books then because it made me feel better about my own life...at least my long lost uncle isn't trying to chain me to a tree and feed my toes to his pet chickens.

Donna Smith said...

lmao! That would certainly be a silver lining.

Lectus Read said...

Obviously, because I love books!

But in reality, I started blogging because I was seeing fab reviews for books that I couldn't even finish! I felt it was my duty to let readers know that such books (with fab reviews) were not that fabulous!! and that they should be reading books that are actually good... ahem, which essentially are the books that I like.

Simple, eh?

Donna Smith said...

@Lectus Read

I run into that odd phenomenon a lot myself! I get distracted by these lovely reviews and end up buying a book that I can't get 10 pages into before wanting to chuck it in a ditch somewhere. I'm thankful for those bloggers who aren't afraid to voice an unpopular opinion. And you do pick some awesome books!

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