Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cliffhangers….I Like Them Not

I get so frustrated with cliffhanger endings and I know that by the time the second book comes out, I will likely have lost interest in finding out what happened at all. So while I was in between reads and bored, I wrote a silly little Dr. Seuss inspired poem about my dislike of cliffhangers.

I do not like Cliffhangers ma'am
I do not like them, mad I am
I do not like them in a book
I do not like them, you ending CROOK
I do not like them in on a movie screen
I do not like them in a magazine
I do not like them on TV
I do not like them at all you see
I do not like them in a song
I do not like them all day long
I do not like one book split into three
Cliffhang me not, this is my plea


kimbacaffeinate said...

Hahaha..i commented on a Jan post today because that was the only way I could find your blog from discus..LOL I love this poem Donna and gads some cliffhangers leave me reeling!

Sam (Realm of Fiction) said...

Ha, I love this! Nicely done, Donna. :) I'm generally not a fan of cliffhangers either, but it definitely depends on whether or not I have the next book on hand. Too many of them can make me a very grumpy reader.

Donna Smith said...

Sounds like I need to update my discus profile. I dont think i ever have. Thanks for stopping by Kim! I just finished Mira Grant's Parasite & it ended quite abruptly which prompted my silly poem. Lol

Donna Smith said...

Thanks Sam! I get really frustrated with cliffhangers and, as I said, ilI'm likely to lose interest in the series completely. I much prefer series where each book could be a stand alone. Remember those?

guiltless reader said...

you got me with your lovely voice! :P

i find cliffhangers annoying marketing ploys!

Donna Smith said...

Agreed!! I think so too.

Khanh Tran said...

It depends on the type of cliffhanger. The purposeful ones leading to the next book: fine. The OH MY GOD WHO'S GOING TO DIE IN THE NEXT 5 SECONDS: no.

Janina said...

I totally agree lol I freaking loved this! This is so creative :)

Janina @ Synchronized Reading

Ellen said...

I don't like them either. I don't mind being left wondering and exciting about the next book, but I do not like being left hanging on by my fingernails for months :)

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) said...

These days, I tend to not pick up a book if I know there's going to be a cliffhanger. It's such a cheap trick and I really see no point in it. The Game, for example, with its tree cliffhangers almost killed me. HOnestly, who does that? If I like your book, I'll read the sequel, no worries. If you end it with a cliffhanger, I most likely won't. SO it's kind of counterproductive.
Writers are weird. :(

Donna Smith said...

I agree Maja! I am less likely to read a book if I know there will be a cliffhanger. It's very manipulative. I much prefer a series of books where each one could be a stand alone.

Donna Smith said...

Exactly! I hate having to wait a year or more to find out the ending. There should always be a satisfying resolution even if the series will continue.

Donna Smith said...

Thanks Janina! I was being silly but I though others might like it.

Donna Smith said...

I really think there should be a resolution to each book. That it should end in a way that the reader feels satisfied yet still wanting to know more.

April @ My Shelf Confessions said...

Love the poem!

I agree, I get sick of cliffhangers. Sometimes I purposefully wait for an entire series (or up until the last book) to come out before I start reading - because it's easier to keep UP with the series that way without huge gaps of reading in between.And with our blogging review schedules I don't think much of us get time to constantly re-read a series of books ever time a new one comes out. I know I don't

More and more I find I'm loving books that are part of series that can be read as stand-a-lones and yet carry characters over and don't even necessarily have to be read in order . The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon is a a series like that and I love it! I wish more authors would follow suit!

Donna @ The Happy Booker said...

Thanks April! I have read so many series that have a common plot thread but each are complete stories with a resolution and could be a stand alone. That's what I prefer.

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