Thursday, May 30, 2013

Free Audio Books every week this summer by SYNC

Beginning May 30, SYNC will be offering 2 Free audio book downloads a week throughout the summer. If you haven't experienced an audio book before, then I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity. There are some amazing reads, from classics like Frankenstein & Oliver Twist, to more recent YA like The Raven Boys and Enchanted. 

If you know me, or my blog, at all - you know that I usually prefer to listen to audio, even over my precious Nook! The reason I'm such a huge fan of audio books is simple, when the right narrator meets the right story, it is a special kind of magic and it can sometimes become an entirely different experience than the one you may have reading the physical book. Well, this is a chance to find out if audio books are for you. Load up your ipod and listen to a classic while laying out on the beach or while out jogging. Or listen with your friends while taking a road trip and discuss your favorite "book boyfriends." But definitely take advantage of this awesome opportunity that SYNC is providing! 

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